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To make it easier for yourself ensure the storage area is close to your house, this will also help us when making deliveries to you. It is important for us that the storage area is easily accessible so we can get right up to your log store in order to stack them for you. 


The main thing you should aim for is to make sure that the log store will be dry so your log store will need a good roof. The last thing you want is for your logs to get wet...they won't be much help wet when trying to start a fire. You need to ensure no rain will be able to get to the logs and also make sure the firewood is off the ground to avoid damp.



A wooden pallet is ideal to stack logs on.


DO NOT put anything, such as a sheet, over your log pile/store as this will limit the airflow across the top of the log pile and may result to mould in warmer temperatures. 


You need lots of air around the logs so stack your logs neatly, with gaps, slatted sides will also allow airflow throughout your stack of logs.



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